Who is Idris?

My name is Idris Lawal. Through music and its combination with written / visual content and design, I create unique experiences centred around storytelling. I’m currently based in Toronto, but was born in Nigeria and also lived in Qatar and South-Africa before Canada. Being exposed to so many different cultures growing up, music and art often became the means in which I discovered my new home. Today, they are also the means in which I express and define myself.

My first project was an ep – Omo (Child) – released in April 2017 with my group, tadé. Sonically, the EP combines elements of hip-hop, world music, afro music and r&b to create a truly unique sound.

Since moving to Toronto in 2018, I have started releasing music, solo. My first official single – JORDAN – was released independently on February 10, 2019 via Complex UK.  

Outside of music, I am also a Creative Advertising Executive at Ogilvy – Toronto where I combine my passions for design, advertising and content to build brands.