Idris Omotadé Lawal 

Idris Lawal is a Nigerian-born, Toronto-based musician & creative exec. Through music and its combination with written and visual content, he creates unique experiences centred around storytelling.

Idris was born in Lagos, Nigeria where he lived till he was 10. He then moved, with his family to Doha, Qatar for 5 years before returning to Africa – Cape town, South Africa. He moved from Cape-Town to Ottawa, Canada at 18 for his studies at uOttawa. After graduating university, he went on to attend the Music Industry Arts program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. He moved to Toronto in 2017 at 25. Growing up in all these various places, he is working towards developing a global sound comprised of different elements from each.

While attending the Music Industry Arts program, Idris and a group of friends / his band recorded a 4-song project as class assignments. Idris would call the band tadé (a shortened version of his middle name and inspired by Nigerian/British legend Sade). The 4-song project would later be releases as tadé’s debut EP 'Omo' on April 5, 2017.

‘Omo’ is Yoruba and can be directly translated to ‘Child’. Conceptually, it is a 4-song project that touches on youth, love and growth. Embedded within the EP is a story of a boy who comes of age, finds love and purpose. Sonically, the EP combines elements of hip-hop, world music, afro music and r&b creating a truly unique sound.

Since moving to Toronto in November 2017, Idris has started releasing music under his full name. His first project of 2018 came in the form of a 2-song mixtape, ‘A Man & Amora’. ‘A Man’ is a re-work of ‘Chanel’ by Frank Ocean which finds Idris “dwelling on God, love and everything in between.” In Amora, Idris “craftily delivers an ode to his significant other with his signature offbeat delivery.” The project was accompanied by visuals for 'A Man' - “a simple visual performance cascaded with silhouette shots of tadé. Simple but pretty detailed look on the artist’s demeanor.”

 – all Quotes from Earmilk where ‘A Man & Amora’ + visuals was premiered.

In 2018, Idris launched Dankii - a content platform that curates Africa via audio, written and visual content.