CMW 2016 Recap for Artists, Musicians and Marketers.

CMW 2016 Recap for Artists, Musicians and Marketers.

Last year, as a student at Algonquin College’s Music Industry Arts program, I was fortunate enough to attend Canadian Music Week. I spent 3 days in a hotel full of like-minded artists, musicians and marketers and found myself immersed in all the knowledge around me. My mind raced with the wonderful ways in which all the different industries represented at the conference compliment each other.

This year, I was selected to be part of the Social Media team at Canadian Music Week. After the initial excitement set aside, I found myself reflecting on last year and everything I absorbed. Luckily, I also found my lost usb stick which had all the notes I took last year! This blog post will serve as a recap of things I found interesting and relatable to all artists, musicians and marketers alike.


Major Keys Alert! 🔑




Keys for Artists & Musicians

PANEL - 21st Century Schizoid Creators

Featuring: singer/songwriter, Blake Morgan, Featured Artists Coalition CEO Paul Pacifico, CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux, Director of Performer Affairs at Phonographic Performance Limited, Keith Harris.

  • Doing everything can be fruitful but only for a short period of time before it becomes self defeating

  • Find the balance between your business model and the business model of your partners’ (publishers, producers etc) (e.g Spotify)

  • Find your own sense of balance with social media: what and where you're comfortable sharing


PANEL - Songs Without Borders: Crafting Hits For Foreign Markets

Moderated by SOCAN A&R manager Rodney Murphy, featuring Rich Castillo of Universal Music Canada, songwriter and music publisher Vince Degiorgio of Cymba Music, and hit songwriter Stephen Kozmeniuk (“Koz”).


"They can sit on the song for a year but they will never sit on your friendship if you keep in touch" 🔑


  • Build and foster relationships - it can take years to actually work together but maintain the relationship!

  • Take your opportunities.

  • Diversify your portfolio.

  • Most songs on the radio are actually songs that were created 1-2 years ago - it takes a while to get to the radio - don't always write against what's on the radio. Think ahead

  • The finished product is more important than the music bed.


Building a Music City.

- Lesa Ukman, Founder at Lesa Ukman Partnerships

This is also applicable to artists and labels too!

  • Work with promotional partners

  • Create a business council

  • Leverage borrowed assets to create value for your cash sponsors. e.g street banners, meet and greets from musicians

  • Aggregate club owner purchasing

  • Build your community

  • Exploit digital, social and mobile assets - include sponsors and community content in your content rotation

  • Enlist celebrity ambassadors and music influencers to be your spokesperson

  • Become a publisher; think mobile video e.g Redbull and Redbull marketing (profit maker)

  •  "content is the new black" 🔑

  • Sell solutions - be strategic

  • Put purpose in front e.g creating a music city isn’t a cause but uplifting youth by creating a music city is a cause - measure the social capital created by purpose


BONUS Keys for Artist & Musicians at the end of the blog! 👇



Keys for Marketers

The Top 5 Ways to Influence, Engage and Market to Millennials

- Shama Hyder, CEO at Marketing Zen


"What does doing business with us allow our customers to say about their personal brand". 🔑

  1. Build an Identity-based ecosystem: the primary reason people use social media is to showcase their own identity.

  2. Make ETC your mantra

    1. Educate,

    2. Transparency

    3. Choices

  3. Recognize the diversity

  4. Think multi-channel

  5. Leverage other millennials

Making The Most of your Traffic

- Melanie Dunn, CEO at Cossette Canada


We as marketers, business people and owners put all this awesome hard work into our Digital Marketing Efforts. So What?

Here is how to make the most of your traffic:

  1. Re-think Your Funnel - Traffic Comes from Everywhere!

  2. Find Your Site’s Weaknesses - and ways to strengthen them

  3. Pay Attention To What’s Going On - Keep Track of Metrics and Have a testing Roadmap


“Content is King, Data is Queen” 🔑


8 Steps to Win At Search, Social and Content Marketing

- Quinn Whissen, Director of Marketing at Vertical Measures

  1. Strategize: why, who, where, when, what’s your voice; content formats, resources, success measurement

  2. Ideation:

    1. What are people searching for?

    2. What kind of questions do you get asked?

    3. Is there a content gap?

    4. Create an editorial calendar - click here to download the Vertical Measures Template

    5. “Watch Moneyball” - Quinn 🔑

  3. Content Creation

  4. Optimization

    1. Links pointing to your content (Internal too)

    2. Titles and tide tags (viewed in results)

    3. Description meta tag (viewed in results)

    4. Image alt text tags

    5. HI Tag (headline tag — only one!)

    6. Page load times

    7. Freshness of content

    8. Mobile!

  5. Content Promotion

    1. Make sharing simple

  6. Distribution

  7. Lead Nurturing

  8. Measurement

    1. Measure for successes and failures

    2. Check KPIs that matter to you

    3. Results may not be immediate

    4. “What gets measured gets done” - Tim Allen 🔑

Bonus: download the slidedeck


Bonus: More KEYS For Artists and Musicians

  • Develop your own database - social media platforms come and go. *cough* Myspace/Vine/Snapchat? *cough*

  • Create an online space - Have your own website.

  • At the beginning of your career, collecting data is more important than revenue.

  • Sell an experience! 🔑


"Active music making changes the way the brain perceives things" 🔑



Forward thinking companies that got my attention!


Notetracksa collaborative platform to review, record and share your music ideas.

Canadian Music Week 2017 Recap - The State of Social Media (for Artists, Musicians & Brands)

Canadian Music Week 2017 Recap - The State of Social Media (for Artists, Musicians & Brands)

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